Freesat HD

A couple of years ago Freesat HD was the only way to receive HD broadcasting. However now Freeview HD has began broadcasting, due to be rolled out across the UK at the end of the year (2011), there are few situations in which Freesat HD would be the better option.

Camparing Freesat to Freeview HD


  • Available in any UK location with all HD channels (the satilite coverage is roughly equal throughout the uk).
  • Ability to receive NHK HD (a Japanese news channel)


  • Televisions with Freesat HD are few and far between and are more expensive
  • Heavy rain can severely disrupt the signal
  • Your house must be fitted with a satellite dish lined up with the correct satellite

Note: Currently Freeview HD coverage is around 60% but will be at 98% at the end of the year.

On top of this, with the advent of Freeview HD, support for Freesat HD is likely to decrease and so it is far from future proof.

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