3DTV, fad or future?

On September 2, 2011 by

Firstly, I am unsure whether it is actually correct to call 3DTV a fad as the popularity of the technology in the market place is rather low at the moment.

However if the price decreases, will it become the norm?

In my opinion – No. 3DTV seems like a (desperate?) marketing ploy. Wearing glasses is a pain and the overall effect seems to be a questionable improvement at best. Also statistics already show people are opting to watch films in 2D if given the choice.

HDTV was a big improvement on standard resolution, barely anyone disagrees.(it is essential on sets above 40 inches). However 3DTV is a luxury if not a gadget to impress your friends. Submit some comments to let me know your opinion on the topic, I have opened a forum also.